I like Taylor Swift – and she won!

At the just concluded Video Music Awards in New York, one of the more-highlighted events was when Taylor Swift won Best Female Video Award, and rightly so, because You Belong With Me is simply amazing to the core!

However, it seems that Kanye West was not really that happy about it – he snatched the mike from Taylor as she was giving her acceptance speech…

Hmmm, since I knew about it from Mashable, I’d like to ask the same question too:

Was it staged, or just Kanye being Kanye?

Anyway, I don’t care so much. I like most of the songs from her album, so I guess I’m a fan of hers. I like her music and her very creative and innovative music – you don’t simply have people going crazy over country pop so easily, like until now. It appears that later on, Beyonce, whom Kanye tried to prop up in the mike-snatching incident, selflessly invited Taylor for a “do-over” (refer here). So all ends well that starts well, I guess?  This is an opportunity for me to share one of my favourite MVs with you, so here is the VMA award-winning MV – You Belong With Me: