Does the truth hurt like hell?

Hi again! You know, I find that this month has been the most boring musically. It seems that the industry knows that nobody bothers to buy songs during January, because all the Christmas and New Year hype has fizzled out, and therefore no new songs or music. Movies also reflect that trend somewhat – notice how the most celebrated movie of 2009, Avatar, released just before Christmas? That said, I didn’t go to the movies recently, because I wasn’t really impressed with the releases themselves. I might watch one movie or two at most, but won’t speak much about it unless I think it’s really interesting. Therefore today I will talk about a TV show that I’ve come to admire as my favorite TV show of all time.

It’s called The Moment of Truth.

And indeed it is. This is not your ordinary TV show whereby you just get some music and a dose of entertainment, period. It was pretty controversial back in 2008 – see what the first contestant Lauren Cleri said about the reason she went on air.

It’s like a moral dilemma we have here – should the TV show promote the washing of dirty linen in public? Does the TV show, notwithstanding legal contracts, have the moral right to ask questions that will destroy people? Should people tell the truth simply for the sake of money? What will people say about you when they know the sordid things you did in secret? Can your family or friends still say they’re proud of you despite the things that you did?

So the question is, does the truth hurt like hell? For some people, apparently it did. Name a price, and these people will speak the truth, even if it will hurt more than hell itself. Can people take the truth for what it is?

I don’t know how much I stand in comparison with these people, but I can say I’ve suffered possibly, something resemblant of hell, for knowing the truth. So it’s not so surprising that this show’s my favorite, eh?

This episode, featuring Paul Schon, has gotta be the best of all. It’s just that, unfortunately, it isn’t showing anymore. So sad for the truth.